Equipment List

Swimming - All Athletes

  • Cap, goggles, swim suit (one piece for girls, jammer or ‘speedo’ for boys. No loose suits.)
  • Wetsuit (when open water workouts begin, which will be mid-late May)
Competition Team
  • Pull Buoy, Fins, Hand-Paddles
  • Snorkel
Note: We will place a team order in March with our swim shop sponsor for swim equipment.

Biking - All Athletes

  • Road Bike
  • Cyclometer
  • Helmet
  • Cycling Shoes
  • Appropriate attire for riding in different weather conditions. No loose bottoms (gym shorts, loose sweat pants, etc) will be permitted.
  • Eye protection (sunglasses, cycling glasses with replaceable lenses, etc.)
Competition Team
  • Triathlon Shoes
  • Cyclometer capable of reading cadence


  • Running Shoes (it is highly recommended that you get fitted for the right shoe type at a running store)
  • Appropriate attire for running in different weather conditions

Other Equipment

Required for Competition Team athletes, optional for other training groups
  • Heart Rate Monitor